In the sidebar are links to my BitBucket projects. These are my public software development efforts not related to my day job.1 I also do other things that do not get archived in BitBucket and I’ll stick them here.

Vacation Tracker

This is my first ever iOS project.

Idea: Some people can’t find a way to use all of their company provided vacation days. I’m not one of these people. However, I am a person who uses every single hour of PTO (paid time off) I earn. I found that I was using a text file or a sticky note to track when I took time off and how many hours I had left. This app is a way to track what days were used and for what type of trip.

Status: Currently abandoned. Like I said, this was my first every attempt at iOS programming. I didn’t take any Objective-C/Xcode/iOS prep courses or read any books. I just started hacking and using the internet as my open book.

Words For(4) Yogis

This was my second iOS project.

Idea: This is a ‘on-the-go’ version of the Kids Yoga Speak website.

Status: Released 2012, discontinued 2018

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Kids Yoga Speak

My wife created content to teach kids Mandarin Chinese via yoga. I’ve taken her content and made a web presence on a hosting server with NameCheap. It’s a Wordpress blog with a custom theme from Themekraft. I also do the video recording on my iPhone 4s, video editing with iMovie, and everything else related to getting those video images up for public consumption. This endeavour allows me to exercise HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, video shooting, video editing, Wordpress administration, & web hosting management. WebSite Image

  1. There are private projects not listed in the sidebar. These projects might be described on this page, but the code is not for sharing. ↩︎