I don’t want to be an individual contributor. I also don’t want to work on things that never see the light of day. I’m passionate about shipping quality code and making customers happy. I like managing a team - love the challenge of it. I like working with other groups and people in the field for the greater good. With whatever I do, I want to be able to make a difference and not just be a guy doing performance reviews.


I intent to make these pages a record of things about me and about things that I’d like to document. This is not my first attempt at a blog. . . The other blog I started, Colorado Geek, has taken on new life as a family travel blog.

So, what do you like?

So many things. :-) I enjoy computers, programming, cycling on the road and in the dirt, camping, hiking, tinkering, fixing things, breaking things.

So, what do you do?

Professionally, I work as a software development manager. I focus on customer facing devices(aka embedded systems). My teams have developed in C, C++, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, scripting languages, small CPU environments - you name it. Which means that I’ve had to become relatively proficient in each of these technologies (or at least know where to go looking for information!).

So, what will I find on these pages?

Mostly random posts about software development, actual code, images of bicycles, ideas, opinions…

What is hugo and why are you using it?

Best to let the Hugo documentation explain what it is. I use it because it’s easy to compose new posts in Markdown and it’s easy to publish the content to my web host. Essentially, I use Vim and Markdown syntax to create the blog entries. Couldn’t get easier and I don’t need to muck with a heavy web-based GUI like Wordpress.

It really is a geeky way to publish a blog. If you like the command line, you’ll be OK.