Killing time at the airport

I find myself sitting in the Nanchang airport in Jianxi providence, China, with my family. Our China Eastern1 flight was delayed by 2 hours and our activities in Nanchang/Fuzhou were completed at 2pm. With nothing to do, we went to the airport early. With 2 kids, having something to do is key.

  1. Find a comfortable coffe shop/restaurant
  2. Ensure that said coffe shop/restaurant has free WiFi
  3. Find a table near a power plug to charge our gadgets
    • Always follow the ABCs - Always Be Charging
  4. Order a coffee. This airport has very expensive food and drinks so choose wisely
  5. Break out the paper and markers for the kids
  6. Read to the kids
  7. Play cards
  8. When kids get restless and sassy, turn on the gadgets
    • Minecraft for the boy
    • Movies for the girl
    • Surfing for Mom and Dad
  9. Smile politely when the shop staff give you the eye like they want you out or to buy more
  10. Zone out

This airport is not large, but it is clean and modern. There is no smoking here, so we all breath easier than we did in the cities.

Time Passes. . . .

What a long day. Our flight was delayed another 2 hours due to ‘weather’. Think it’s called pollution, but whatever. We didn’t get home until after 1am. There must have been something in the water because the kids were a joy the whole time.

  1. China Eastern has been notorious for changing flights times and days on us. We continue to fly them only because they offer the routes we need in and out of Kunming. ↩︎