Ran across this neat article about bicycles; it’s worth checking out.

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My Dad's Dance Floor Project

Our dance floor was to be constructed over a concrete floor in a walkout basement room. It was to be used by our Level 6 ballerina for her practice and possibly future teaching. The project outline is shown below:

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Fun with a TX6U Temperature Sensor

My first project with my Raspberry Pi B+ was to try to access the data streaming emitted from a La Crosse TX6U temperature sensor. I put my code up on BitBucket. Here are some details of what I discovered.

TX6U Monitor is a simple application for receiving data from a La Crosse TX6U temperature sensor. The project implements a user space ISR for servicing incomming data and a main application that handles collection and analysis of the ISR data.

Platform Raspberry Pi

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Update After a few months I stopped using the device. My bite was very deep and required a ‘bite plate’ to be worn to allow the teeth to move. It is possible the Acceledent could have helped even in conjunction with the bite plate, but the teeth were moving well without it. In May, I decided that I’d have another go at straightening my teeth with braces. This will be my 3rd go around with the infernal things. Read On →