Installing Ubuntu in VMWare

(TL;DR - Install Kubuntu)

I run a MacBook Pro for almost all of my development needs, but I needed to setup an Ubuntu desktop for some development tasks I have coming up. I don’t have a spare machine with me, and frankly don’t want the headache of maintaining another piece of computing hardware, so I turned to VMWare as my solution for creating the environment.

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Working with

This is now obsolete that Parse has(or will be by 2017) shutdown

I started working with service because I needed a way to send push notifications to my iOS app that I’m building for Kids Yoga Speak, my wife’s project. I needed free and I needed simple. I didn’t want to have to learn how to setup a complete backend server to support Apple’s Push Notification Service requirements.

Implementing the push notifications turned out to be very easy thanks to the tutorials at Parse. One registers with Parse via the SDK, and waits for a push. Couldn’t be easier!

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