Black Menu Bar on OS X

This is now obsolete with Yosemite

I’ve been looking at my translucent menu bar in OS X for several months, if not a year or two. I don’t really track these things, but I do sometimes feel the need to tinker and change. Who doesn’t?

I wanted to go from the stock gray menu bar, go ahead, glance up at it :-), to a nice black version like this: img blackBar

This is my journey…

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VMWare tools in Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail

Raring Ringtail (13.04) ships with kernel 3.8.0-19 and the VMWare tools provided with Fusion v4.1(and maybe the Workstation version?) don’t compile properly against that kernel. You can look for patches on the VMWare community forum, but that is a rat hole. Here is the best way to get the vmware tools going.n the guest OS…

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Killing time at the airport

I find myself sitting in the Nanchang airport in Jianxi providence, China, with my family. Our China Eastern1 flight was delayed by 2 hours and our activities in Nanchang/Fuzhou were completed at 2pm. With nothing to do, we went to the airport early. With 2 kids, having something to do is key. Find a comfortable coffe shop/restaurant Ensure that said coffe shop/restaurant has free WiFi Find a table near a power plug to charge our gadgets Always follow the *ABC*s - *A*lways *B*e *C*harging Order a coffee. Read On →

Glyphs/Icon Packs

I’ve needed various graphics for development and found that the intertubes are rife with free icon packs. Look and you shall find. Once you have some icons, learn a little image manipulation via GIMP, and you’re off to the races. As always, if free won’t do, pay these designers a few dinero and buy what you need. Glyphicons App-Bits TWG Retina Icons Iconsbeast