Chinese Chop

In China, the ‘chop’ is common and most documents are not considered viable unless they are ‘chopped’. The chop, or seal, is a symbol of authenticity and proves that the accompanying signature is the real deal. Good and real chops are made from soft stone. Chops can be made from other materials, but usually they are cheap and do not carry the gravitas of stone. The image below is my chop which contains my Chinese name. Read On →

Hash House Harriers

Follow the trail and get a beer

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1938 Phantom Corsair

I stumbled across this car at Retronaut. If you don’t know about Retronaut, visit the link and look at the images. Really neat historical stuff.

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Scooters in China

I posted on my families blog something about scooter and bikes in China. You can view it here. I also included a sad (funny?) video of a new scooter rider. Thought I’d put it here too…