Enable IPv6 On Toastman-Tomato Routers

Just realized today that I’ve been running without IPv6 enabled on my Linksys E900 v1.0 that is running TomatoUSB firmware from Toastman (v1.28.0503.7 MIPSR2Toastman-RT-N K26 USB VPN). A little searching found Comcast’s IPv6 page, a Comcast IPv6 test page, and a very excellently written forum post by koitsu. A little more searching led me to the below images with instructions. Worked great. And my results: And keep reading! After setting this up, I noticed a lot of error messages in the log Read On →

Santa Cruz Tallboy C

I recently realized that my 2004 Trek Fuel 100 was out of date. It sure rides great, and I’ve had some epics days on it, but I was faced with overhauls of both rear and front shocks and in need of a new drive train. Ordinarily, I’d throw down the dinero to have the LBS get my ride back in order, but this time the news was bad. The shocks and drive train were so old that there are no replacement bits available unless I wanted to scour eBay for deals. Read On →

Living Abroad - what I'll miss

I’ve been living in Kunming, China for the past 11 months with my family. We’ve had some ups and downs and like any adventure, the bad times will be forgotten and the good times will live forever in our photographs and memories. But, memories are not perfect, so I am going to write down some (just some!) of the things I will miss about living in China. Food shau er kuai - rice tortilla, warmed on a grill, slathered with a variety of topping. Read On →


Building something out of software? Is someone preventing you from shipping because it’s not ‘perfect’?

Polished perfect isn’t better than perfect, it’s merely shinier. And late.

Seth Godin

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