After a few months I stopped using the device. My bite was very deep and required a ‘bite plate’ to be worn to allow the teeth to move. It is possible the Acceledent could have helped even in conjunction with the bite plate, but the teeth were moving well without it.

In May, I decided that I’d have another go at straightening my teeth with braces. This will be my 3rd go around with the infernal things. The Orthodontist tells me I have a strong bite and that causes my teeth to move; that works for me better than the observation that the past two times I haven’t been a good patient and worn my retainer religiously enough. He said that my treatment plan would extend for the next 12-18 months.

After the initial cementing on of the brackets for my top teeth, the orthodontist mentioned there is a new FDA approved medical appliance that can help speed the movement of teeth. It is called an Acceledent. I thought about it for a while and after researching the device, decided I wanted to try it. It is expensive and it’s a single use item. That means you technically cannot resell the device after you’ve used it. This is what it looks like:

The promise of Acceledent is an up to 50% reduction in the amount of time in braces and an increased comfort level with respect to the dull ache of your teeth moving. Cutting the time in braces in half sounds awesome, I hope to document how it works for me.

I started using it on June 15th, 20 minutes per day.

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